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    Sitting in Iftirash position in (Salaat) Namaz

    Most of us do not know the benefits sitting in the iftirash position in terms of health. If we look at the reflexology diagram below, when we are in the iftirash position, our right foot would get pressure on the upper part of the foot and our left foot would get pressure on the lower and middle part of the foot.

    The iftirash position produces a complete “reflexology pressure”. But for those who do not straighten their right foot vertically, they get the “reflexology pressure” for certain parts of the body only (not including the brain, neck, throat, heart, voice, sinus, pituitary glands, etc as shown in the diagram). This is unfavorable!! It is better that we try sitting in a correct iftirash position, hopefully that we would get the rewards for following the sunnah of the Holy Prophet SAW as well as achieving a comprehensive health benefits of 'indirect reflexology exercise' for critical areas - brain, neck, throat, etc.

    It is hoped that we all obtained the mercy of Allah SWT. From Abu Hamid al-Sa`idi RA, he said: “I saw Prophet Muhammad SAW….. when he sit during the rakaat (to read the tahiyyat awal), he sit on his left foot and set his right foot straight up (iftirash position)…..” sahih Bukhri.

    Lessons from the hadith:

    1. It is recommended (sunnah) to sit in iftirash at the first tahiyyat.

    2. Sitting in iftirash is also recommended while sitting between the two prostrations (sujud) and after raising from the second sujud.

    3. The practice of sitting in iftirash is the sunnah of Rasul SAW and when we practice it and commend it to others so that they would also practice it, we will insha Allah gain rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.

    4. The practices of Rasul SAW contains ‘nur’ (lights) and could bring oneself closer to Allah SWT.

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    Post Re: Sitting in Iftirash position in (Salaat) Namaz

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